Raising children? You have to watch this now.

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I recently came across this Tedtalk video on YouTube. It was on how to raise children that are more emotionally intelligent. The video made me realise the lack of emotional literacy many parents possess in our cultures when raising children. How do you respond when your child is or when your children are upset? What do you tell them? How will your parenting style impact how they express themselves now and in the latter years of their lives. As an educator and counsellor who has worked with families for over 16years. Lael stone shares her expertise on this matter curated from her experiences for more than a decade.


She talks about the three possible responses you can get from a child concerning their feelings and how they process it. The three types of reactions are REPRESSION, AGGRESSION and EXPRESSION. Watch the clip to understand how your child deals with his or her emotions when they experience them

I hope you get to take something positive fro this video by the end of it. I also hope you get to implement it in your life moving forward in building a more solid loving and compassionate relationship with your young ones. However, in life one, you should always strive for balance. Therefore, remember as much as you work towards growing emotionally intelligent children, continue to work towards keeping It balanced in terms of boundaries and limits.

It will be beneficial to share it with anyone who is currently raising children or plans to in the future.
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