We all have, in some way, come across different articles that tell us fun things to do as couples. The thing they don’t tell us is that ninety-nine per cent of the activities recommended, involve MONEY. So we go through this chain of reactions when reading such articles from great hope and excitement to sudden despair. You realise you can not possible reenact any of the suggested activities because you have no money, so you end up moving on.

Here is where I come in. What I have done is try to categorise it into two. Namely; FUN THINGS TO DO WHEN WE ARE LOADED and FUN THINGS TO DO WHEN WE ARE BROKE. In this manner, we can always find something for every season. Without further ado, let’s get right to it. One last thing. I think given the current circumstances, time is not an excuse as we have got that in spades. So do not let anything stop you from trying any of these activities out.


If you happen to have the means to, here are some fun things that might be worth your while.

Play Fun Couple Games

You can never go wrong with a good game, in my opinion. Not only is it fun and challenging, but it also helps to exercise the brain cells. A game console to invest in would be the Nintendo switch. It is a console that two or more people can use to play against themselves. It comes with two separate joy-cons (controllers), which makes it easy for you and your partner to engage in fun games together. Games such as overcooked 2, a challenging and fun cooking game, can be played to gauge your competitive streak. You can check out the Nintendo Switch console here

 A Romantic Getaway For The Weekend 

I mean, sometimes we look around the house and think, “You know what I am tired and want to get out”. Although most of these times we shrug off the thought and go back to our normal daily activities. Because let us be practical, you can’t just jump ship whenever you feel like it but, other times you could. At least once in a while. So how do you choose where to go. Try having a conversation about it with your partner to plan for the best and most practical results.

You could also have a bit of fun with it by writing on pieces of paper places you would like to go to. Then you scrunch them up and like a raffle draw pick the destination for your getaway. Look for packages you can pay for on travel sites and plan that weekend getaway. If you want to carry your kids along, go ahead. I am pro-choice. Do it if you can handle it. If you cant and want you and your partner alone on the trip. Make appropriate arrangements for their comfort and safety before packing up. 

Watch A Movie At The Cinema

To be honest, I would rather be home with my partner watching a movie. But then again it’s not about me. Some like the thrill of the cinema. The whole fanfare to watching a movie away from home. If you are part of that some. Search for Movies showing at cinemas close to your area and their timings. Keep the kids safe at home if you have kids because trust me cinema and kids is a CHORE. And let’s not forget its a list of couples fun things, not “family fun things”.

Eat out. Discover New Food

An activity that is always pleasing. Finding new places to eat with a loved one is like travelling. A mini one. You get to savour new cuisines and feel the thrill of trying out interesting flavours. It is even more satisfying if you are normally reluctant when it comes to trying new things. And then finding the courage to try. The whole experience becomes even more pleasing. So make it a hobby. A pastime. Write down a list of new restaurants serving different cuisines in your area. Then make it a plan to visit these restaurants form time to time with your partner. Trust me you won’t regret the experience.


so we’ve highlighted a few things you could do as couples when you have some extra cash. But how about those times when you are broke. When money has been budgeted for something more important and you can’t just afford entertainment at the moment. what do you do? Hopefully, this next list will inspire you to find some things worth doing without worrying about spending much or any money at all.

Play Games Together 

Now there’s a play game here too. Only, the games are budget-friendly and very affordable and sometimes cost next to nothing. Some examples are; Whot cards, board games like Snakes and Ladders and ludo for those who know how to play. So there you have it. All these games can be gotten at your local supermarket. You could even have any sorts of competition and involve the kids if you’ve got them. Like singing or dancing or spelling. The list is endless. It will be a blast. I promise.

Cosy Up Your Space: Build Your Cinema

How is this possible you ask. here’s what to do. Buy some tea candles(very affordable). Make sure the kids are already in bed(of-course). Choose a cosy spot where you have a television and lay some pillows and blankets on the floor. Switch off the lights for an extra cosy feel and that’s about that. You have your customised home cinema. Now you are ready to chill with your SO(Significant other) and…….there’s no light. Nigerians gather here, please. well, remember you got candles. It won’t be dark. Don’t let anything spoil your fun as long as there’s ventilation. You can still make it a pretty fun time only without a screen. On the bright side, you will have more time to discuss and spend quality time together.

Let’s Go On A Walk

Science has proven that exercise ultimately is good for your heart function and your overall health. So the next time you find yourself in need of alone time with your partner. Do not underestimate the power of simple walks. Because they’re very effective. It’s like killing two birds with a stone. With someone special, a simple walk becomes much more. Hence next time put on your walking shoes and get your partner to accompany you on a long walk around your vicinity. If you have kids sure they can tag along. However, you can make it extra special by leaving them home with someone trustworthy. On your walk look around you(no phones please!) observe your surroundings and discuss things you’ve been longing to communicate with your partner. sometimes something as simple as a walk can make you happier.

 Pop-corn together

Who knew making popcorn could be so easy. And so fun at the same time when done with a loved one. There is nothing more fascinating than watching those tough pop kernels pop furiously in your large soup poot . while shaking the pot vigorously with your partner by your side. It is usually very thrilling. just be careful not to peep into the pot while the kernels are popping. So go ahead make that corn pop and enjoy the delicious bowl of crunchy popcorn afterwards during your cosy movie night or just as is. Click here for an awesome popcorn recipe.  

Enjoy these fun moments with your partner as much as you possibly can. Life is too short to despair. if you have more activities to share, please share them with us. make use of the comment section generously.

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