Born A Crime by Trevor Noah.

Here we are with another book. If you are looking for an interesting book to read that will be worth your while then get a copy of Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime.

An introduction to this book

Born a crime is an autobiography of a man raised in South Africa during apartheid times. His mother is South African, Xhosa tribe and his father is a swiss man. It complicated their relationship because then, it was illegal for different races to mix. It made growing up difficult as Trevor was considered coloured, his mother was black and his father white. To apartheid South Africa, that was a crime.
We know that some of the best lessons are the ones we experience. One of the things that make this an interesting book to read is Trevor has done just that. Sharing lessons he has learnt with us from his experiences.

Who is Trevor Noah?

He is a comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host of the daily show with Trevor Noah. An American satirical news program on comedy central that is quite entertaining and very informative.

What do I love about Born A Crime?

I love that you get to know Trevor’s story from Trevor himself. It is in the way he narrates his experiences. As if you were sitting with him enjoying the company of a friend. A few books have the ability to tell a story, make you laugh and share some nuggets of wisdom. While also keeping things captivating at the same time. However, this book manages to do all of that seamlessly.
I particularly enjoyed his understanding of different languages. Helping him connect with a lot of people from various tribes and race. It is a skill that he still uses very much to be as successful as he is till date.

What did I not like so much?

To be honest, nothing. This book made me laugh, think and be shocked at the same time. It was quite an interesting book to read.

To sum things up.

I recommend you add Trevor’s born a crime to your library of interesting books to read. Why? Because you will get to learn from someone’s life experiences. To know him better and of course to laugh a lot!.
As a best seller trust me when I say it will be an interesting book to read. It will be worth your while grabbing a copy through this link now.

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