Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama

This book needs no introduction, in my opinion.

A lot of people are familiar with Becoming. Michelle Obama needs no introduction. She decides to share her story with us, to give us insight into her life right from childhood and where she will be heading in the future. Becoming is a memoir on Michelle’s significant experiences in life. From her engaging childhood in Chicago to being the FLOTUS. She captures the reader in the way she sections her life accordingly as it progresses.

For the visual learner, we get pictures.

It allows the reader to connect with her story on a deeper level. I also enjoyed the narrative of well-placed circumstances and opportunities that lead to exceptional events ultimately. Perseverance, teamwork and networking are lessons to derive from Becoming. It inspires the reader to figure out that Michelle is not afraid to dream big and to take those steps no matter how tenuous it seemed for the goal.

What this book is not.

Becoming is not the tragic story of an African-American lady. She lived a pretty normal childhood and went ahead to pursue her dreams. She was raised by people who loved and supported her wholeheartedly. To become who she wanted to be.

If you are looking for a book on the perils of being an African American and growing from that, then you are reading the wrong book, however, if you are in search of a motivational and insightful story. On the importance of experiences in our lives. If you are curious about the life of the former FLOTUS and the challenges she faced and the life she has lived and is living, then you are reading the right book.

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