Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative. Hence the need to share a post on best workout videos on youtube. It is necessary to keep active as this has a lot of benefits to our overall health internally and externally. Although the current world situtation makes it impossible to be active at a gym near you and other times, life happens. Some of us have never been into being active. Others have been active once but for one reason or another have let go of that lifestyle and then for the rest it just seems tedious and a bother not worth our time at all. I compiled some of the best workout videos on youtube where you can explore and find routines suited to your taste and current existing circumstances. I am confident you will find something interesting to work with at the end of this post. Let us get to it, shall we?


Although Madfit is a one-woman show, she manages to incorporate a lot of fun alongside her exercises. By using viral TikTok songs as workout music to teaching yoga and dance moves that are sure to help the average person. She keeps the channel interesting with different workouts of different styles, which is why her channel is amongst the best workout videos on youtube. Her dance workout videos are a hit with a lot of her audiences.

The studio by Jamie Kinkeade

 If you have ever thought twenty minutes of workout is nothing then think again because this channel is notorious for creating rigorous routines in even the shortest amount of time. Usually, five minutes into working out, and you are out of breath!. Check out this channel if you are into demanding kinds of routines to get your heartbeat pumping fast.

Popsugar fitness

If variety could have another meaning, it would be the PopSugar fitness channel. There is a video for everyone, in every style, for every kind of situation. Be it Zumba, pilates, yoga, salsa, hip hop, belly dancing, cardio, Tabata style, ballerina style or even a mixture of two or more of these workout styles. The list is sure endless. Organiser Anna Renderer hosts different fitness companies to come to share their routines with viewers. Moreover, apart from being one of the best workout videos on youtube you also get fitness advice from time to time. Be sure to check this channel if variety is your cup of tea.

Sweaty betty

If there’s a workout dance routine I will always go back to is “sweaty betty get fit for free campaign” workout video choreographed by Simone De La Rue and her team. It makes it to the list of best workout videos on youtube because It incorporates all workout styles in an organised fashion in less than 50 minutes. Trust me when I say at the end of this workout, you will drop a few calories.

Kelli and Daniel are a husband and wife fitness team. with over 600 workout videos and counting and 6 million subs the list of best workout videos on youtube will be incomplete without mentioning them. Their channel has a variety of workout routines, styles and duration to fit everyone. Like, 5mins videos to 45 minutes videos. Instructions are easy to follow and are quite practical when used correctly.

Les Mills grit cardio workout

Just as the title implies, this 30-minute routine needs a lot of grit and stamina to complete. For at just a few minutes into warmup, you will feel the burn. It is more of an expert level workout for those long since in the game. So do make sure it’s something you can handle before attempting it!

That brings us to the end of this fitness story! Need some equipment to aid your workout journey?

For dumbells that are inexpensive and durable click this link if you can’t get one around your vicinity. You could also get good yoga mats at affordable prices by clicking this link.

These are just a few channels to get you going during these times that going out isn’t the best option. Youtube is a community to discover so much relating to workout. Therefore, you are sure to find something for you that will ultimately help you feel more comfortable working out at home rather than at a gym. What other workout channels would you recommend on youtube? Let us know in the comment section below.


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